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What are the benefits of using road brick machine hot:13time:2017/2/18 7:42:03

brick machine

    The cement brick with the current domestic and foreign similar product characteristics and market needs to design and manufacture of new brick equipment. Brick machine has compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, sealed dust, the lubrication cycle, simple operation, high yield, durable features. The use of industrial and mining waste brick making, 25-40 acres per year, on the whole, the amount of arable land will be immeasurable. The road brick brick machine equipment, the production process to replace the sintering method in China for thousands of years, eliminating the need for complex steam curing process, according to each brick coal for 0.1 kilograms, the annual savings of 1600-2500 tons of coal.

The road tile machine main features: all parts of rotating seal, oil pressure, the lubrication cycle, without manual oiling, the rotating part of full lubrication, reduce wear, compression part mainly use high-quality steel, fine processing, can meet the strength of the maximum working pressure of two times above, to increase the quality of wheel belt, increasing inertia and increase the crankshaft gear diameter and length, the rotary torque increases greatly, thus the use of the machine pressure, low fuel consumption, high yield.

Is the production of color road brick can be water permeable brick, water permeable brick color market situation now is very good, because the society is developing so fast, all over the country and even all over the world in road reconstruction, need to use a lot of water permeable brick. The production of color of water permeable brick materials: sand, gravel and cement, cement is an important raw material for the production of color brick, sand and stones can be used to replace other materials, such as fly ash, slag powder, etc.. The other is the pigment, after all, the color of the permeable brick is from the paint.

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