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Eco brick making machine to adapt to the continuous innovation in policy hot:25time:2018/4/5 9:06:06

Under the guidance of the policy of national reform and opening up, the national economy and urban and rural infrastructure construction are developing at a high speed. With the vigorous promotion of the policy of the national wall reform, the career of the eco brick making machine is to save the land resources, save energy, protect the environment and the comprehensive utilization of the resources. The complete set of equipment and production skills of the sintered hollow finished products with clay, shale, coal gangue and fly ash have been thoroughly developed. The level of technological skills has been greatly improved, and the technology of internal combustion roasting has reached the world level of 80~90 in the last century.

Because the main job of the cement brick machine is mainly produced sintered finished products, the production of the finished product is mainly based on the thick line process, which brings a certain amount of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and dust emission, low carbon economy and low carbon production request brick machine to change the current production mode, and increase energy saving and emission reduction efforts. Color machine occupation should active implementation of energy saving skills and methods, especially from the adjustment of product structure, skill structure.

Eco brick making machine feeder, speed, rotary disk and other parts of the most advanced technology, large transmission power, smooth operation, accurate location, low repair rate. Brick machine is mainly used to restrict the production of fly ash, river sand, sand, sand, mineral powder, slag, stone powder, coal slag, coal gangue, coal gangue, tail slag, chemical slag and so on as the main raw materials, the production of the fire free brick, refractory brick, porous brick, five colored road tile and hollow brick. !

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