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DMYF-500 automatic brick machine hot:33time:2018/9/3 9:42:55

1, each station has the highest and lowest oil level mark. This indicates that the automatic brick machine can work normally in the range of oil level. When the oil level exceeds the maximum oil level, during the pressing process, the oil-filling valve opens and the oil tank drops to the piston slowly, resulting in the speed problem of pressing. The reason is that the air machine area is reduced, and the oil is pushed down slowly. The lowest oil level is in the oil level, and the noise is very loud during the process of suppression. This indicates that the centrifugal pump can not absorb enough oil when working, so that the pressure of the compressor can not reach the pressure needed.

2, each automatic brick machine is equipped with a lot of pressure gauge. The purpose is to help us understand whether there is any leakage in the system. Therefore, after each shift starts, we must check whether the pressure of each watch is normal, if there is abnormal, please repair department to check the cause.

External leakage of automatic brick machine. In particular, the piston part of the press is very serious, it will lead to the loss of hydraulic oil, so that a large number of piston surface ash quickly into the cylinder and then to the entire press system. The valves are blocked and the press is not working. And the piston and cylinder are drawn, forming a deep scratch, so that the oil seal is not sealed, and ultimately the press can not work. A long time will cause great economic losses. Therefore, we must observe the mobile seal ring regularly and replace the sealing ring once a year in principle.

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