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The pavement brick machine become popular devices on the market hot:18time:2017/2/18 7:47:36

    brick machine

   With the acceleration of the construction of small towns, building perfect, new rural construction, which makes the Ministry of construction on the overall construction supervision, become an indispensable block of house construction in the cement block in the construction process of reinforced concrete frame structure supporting reinforced, severely punished as countries with marble block on the construction site, the strict requirements, so according to the market demand for equipment to produce brick is an inevitable trend. The pavement brick machine equipment market imperative, high quality machine will become a popular device on the market.

Road brick molding need to burn, natural drying can be sold. But it is also a problem, brick drying cycle is generally a week, that is to say, airing a week to sell bricks after molding. To shorten the production cycle of the machine is very simple, can use solar energy, or masonry a dual-purpose ordinary steam room, steam curing of the use of solar energy or other fuel, and then steamed for one night to do during the day, night, second days can be sold, thus greatly shorten the maintenance cycle. In the economic benefits are very good, in short supply, it can greatly improve the economic benefits.

Automatic road brick machine either has greatly improved the operation or performance of automatic machine control system adopts PLC control, computer interface operation, fault diagnosis, remote monitoring provides a great convenience, formula memory, fault diagnosis, automatic analysis of product density, automatically adjust the feed ratio. Automatic road brick machine is controlled by computer and directional vibration, frequency conversion and brake, and cancel the vibration energy; feeding frequency, high frequency vibration, vibration table mould making raw materials in an instant full liquefaction, exhaust, in order to achieve high density and high strength. The skip is added in the arch breaking device, rapid directional uniform material into the mold box, the quality of the products very small error.

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